What’s Better Than A Sale…Free 999 Pick 3 All-State Predictions for May/Memorial Day

Seems like having a sale would not be enough in honor of those men and women who have given their lives for this country and our way of life through service in the armed forces.

So our gift to you this Memorial Day is some 999 Pick 3 predictions to carry you through May 31 and a little beyond.

These premium predictions are taken from our 2016 Monthly Lottery Predictions for Pick 3 Win 3 Big 3 Cash 3 Daily 3 booklet.

But first some numbers for the holiday

Memorial Day



999 Extra: the 019 for memorial day may indicate a series will show in statewide lottery draws, ie combinations like 120, 231, 342, 453 etc may show, especially in states that have had an “8″ or a “1” at the end of a combination in the last few draws. For example, PA got 088 on Friday–with end digit 8–making it a prime candidate for a series–any series–to show. The same holds true for the Tri-State with its 118 drawing on Friday.


Pick 3 – 9 N Play Premium Predictions for All-State Players

(These calendar-based predictions best used in mechanical ball, non computerized lottery drawings)

May 2016




Happy Memorial Day from Our Family to Yours!


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