How to Tithe Your Way Out of a Lottery or Gambling Addiction


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How to Tithe Your Way Out of a Lottery or Gambling Addiction


Review 3 Things You Can Do Today to Plug Your Lottery Losing Streak

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Is your gambling out of control?

You want to stop losing so much money, but you just can’t seem to.

You’ve tried to quit many times before and failed.

It’s not your fault.

Gambling is a problem for many people, and the very nature of an addiction is an inability to stop destructive behavior.

If this is a problem you can relate to, we have put together a possible solution.


How to Tithe Your Way Out of a Lottery or Gambling Addiction is a 9 page, three step solution that can help you figure out how to stop giving so much of your $$ to your state lottery, and do it in such a way that you can guarantee at least a 10-fold increase on your outlay, and play another game with your money that has odds stacked in your favor, not against you.


Imagine what it would be like to not have your day dictated by keeping up with the midday and/or evening drawings, or having to run out at the last minute to play a number because it is guaranteed–in your mind–to hit on that drawing. Yet it never does. And the disappointment and let down is an everyday event.


Now granted, I am no expert on the three steps to quit your addiction in this small report, and that’s why I link you up to two people that are the experts.


You see I am only an expert on one of the three steps I give you in this little How to Quit Gambling Guide, and, in my mind it is one of the most powerful ways to give up an addiction while growing your cash stash at the same time.


How to Tithe Your Way Out of a Lottery or Gambling Addiction is only for those who are ready for a change. The three steps of the program will:

  • Step 1: Change your mindset about money as taught by a leading abundance expert using a one hour video that you can listen to over and over until the change you want happens.
  • Step 2: Tell you exactly what to say to yourself before you gamble, while you are gambling, and after you have played your tickets. Yes, even if you do not stop gambling right away, the method taught in this one hour video helps you quit successively, allowing time for failures while creating ultimate victory, just from your perseverance and repeating the few simple phrases given.
  • Step 3: Explain how to use tithing to create the abundance you seek simply by adding one additional element to your giving. It is the one step many tithers forget to incorporate in their giving, and yet it is the step that ensures the gains promised in Biblical scriptures.


This little 3-step guide was written in 2012, and I have personally used it since then to decrease any compulsion to actually play the lottery game, even though I have many winning strategies and system I could use to place winning bets.


This system gives me better odds that any Pick 3 lottery game could, and I can dictate my returns solely by the amount I choose to tithe, or seed or give.


So here’s what you get:

  • A link to a one hour video designed to help you change your mindset about money, so you can see it in a whole new light.
  • A link to a sermon from a minister that tells you how to quit any addiction (though his focus in the video is on quitting smoking, it is powerful for any addictions)***
  • A way to tithe for maximum benefit while you quit gambling. This is a way that will bring you bigger returns than the Pick 3 or Cash 4 games which you are currently losing money on. Do this the right way and your $$ problems are over, and you will no longer have a need to gamble for your abundance.

Format: Book

Price: $6.93

Risk Free: If you are not satisfied with this guide for any reason, return it for a 100% refund.


This is a limited time special offer for those who are really ready for a change. And the price is nominal so you have no excuse for not taking action right now if you seriously want to get out the lottery rat race.


Click on the “buy now” button for your instant download.


PS-I have been exactly where you are now, and with the steps outlined in this Guide, have successfully ended my compulsion to spend $$ that I did not have to spend on the lottery, and with a guarantee of n0 return from NCEL and SCEL (NC and SC lottery games). By following the three simple steps outlined in this 9 page Guide, I now know exactly what to tell myself to keep from losing my shirt in the lottery game.


Remember there is no risk with our 100% money back guarantee.

PS II – Whether you have a lottery or gambling addiction or a smoking addiction, or an addiction of another kind which is controlling you, you can regain control and tell your addiction where to go instead of it compelling you to go where you should not be going. You can tell it what to do, instead of it dictating what you do with your time. Your family will thank you for it, even if you are only a family of one.


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*Acctg Note: Proceeds from the sale of this guide to be distributed as follows: 20% to Rev MB: 20% Bro KM; 20% to CG Foundation (Startup); 20% to MPS; 20% Transaction Fees/Site Admin

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