999 Carolinas “Front Pair Back Pair” Pick 3 Chart

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Take a look at One Week of Our Pairs in the Carolinas Here

Most of the 99 pairs listed in the Chart contain only one to two main pairs to consider. This means if you are playing .50 cents “front pair/back pair” plays, it would cost you $4 per draw to play the two main pairs listed on the Chart. If any of the pairs are doubles, the cost of play would only be $3 per draw. Payout in the Carolinas is $25 for each successful hit on a Front Pair / Back Pair win.

Yes these are “small fry” hits, but it may beat playing scratch off where you may not have any system for winning.

It goes without saying that you can also play the pairs in the normal pick 3, where X equals digits 0 through 9 added to your pairs for a larger payout and larger per draw outlay of cash.

For those chasing straight Pick 3 hits, yielding $250 per .50 plays, the Chart is useful in choosing which pairs to focus on throughout the week.  You can also use the predicted pairs by comparing them to your other “pairs” or combinations from other workouts. We initially created the Chart to help us hone in on finding “like” pairs and combinations predicted with our 929 eClub System for the Carolinas.

The Chart–though targeted for the Carolinas–may be useful in any non-computerized drawing state, although it has only been backtested in the Carolinas.

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Playing the Front Pair/Back Pair games in the Carolinas, we have to get the predicted pairs to be together, either at the front of a subsequent draw or at the back of a subsequent draw for the win. Whenever the pairs are split, there is no win in the Carolinas.

The 999 Carolinas Front Pair / Back Pair Predictor Chart is a great way to get those pairs together and in the right position for the win.

This 99-pair Chart (the 00 pair is not included) consists of anywhere from 1, 2, 3 or in one case, 4 pairs to be considered per last draw. However, most Chart pairs contain only one to two (1 to 2) main pairs to consider for your plays for up to six draws.

To find your predicted pairs which are based on your two front digits of your last lottery draw, you simply look up the two front digits of your last draw as listed in Column one on the Chart. It then gives you the main pairs to focus on based on that last draw.

Finding pairs for your Front Pair  / Back Pair plays just got easier in the Carolinas!

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