2017 Weekly Lottery Predictions for Pick 3 (V2, April-June 2017)


2017 Weekly Lottery Predictions for Pick 3 (April-June 2017)

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Includes weekly combinations for play from Sunday-Saturday (SS) or Wednesday-Tuesday (WT).

Whether you choose to play the combinations from Sunday thru Saturday, or Wednesday through Tuesday, each play set contains

  • 11 Main Pick 3 Combinations,
  • An optional 5 to 6 “wild” combinations, and
  • An optional set of three (3) broad stroke pairs.

See example below.

These are calendar-based lottery predictions for single state and “all-state” players.

We have included two sets so you can determine which set works best in your state.

Calendar- based predictions are one of the most reliable methods for predicting “all – state” lottery drawings in the Pick 3 lottery games.

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Format: Softcover Book

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As with all 999 predictions and strategies, they perform best in mechanical ball / non-computerized Pick 3 lottery drawings.

This volume includes 12 weeks of play (April 1 – June 30, 2017) with two playsets for each week’s drawings!

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999 Weekly Pick 3 Predictions Example:


Week of February 19-25, 2017

Main Play Set



Broad Stroke Pairs


(Where X = 0 through 9)





Week of February 22 – 28, 2017

Main Play Set



Broad Stroke Pairs


(Where X = 0 through 9)




From this example, did you check to see which of these play sets your state preferred?

Need more samples?

Click Here to Grab March 2017 Weekly Predictions

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