More Notes on April 1-15 Weekly Prediction Statistics

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Some conclusions on April 1-15, 2017 Statistics:

Personal Note: It appears the Carolinas prefers the “Any Year” combos from this limited sample. Keep an eye on this.

**Also, the stats that occur from the end of one month to the beginning of another month, ie March 30-April 5 seem to take a hit in terms of overall hits. May need to change Maynu’s “year specific” weekly format to reflect the same formatting as the “any year” format in subsequent publications, ie only 4 weeks per month. Stats excluding the overlapping week for the 10 combinations for the week noted above would be 29 Ave box hits/and 6.66 average straight hits, more in line with the author’s theory that date specific combos should outperform “any year” combos.

***Will need further stats to determine if 2017 Specific date publication should be published quarterly or yearly for balance of year. The upside to continuing to publish the year specific is that it will tend to favor some states over the “any year” publication which may be beneficial to those readers in hard to predict states.

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