New 999 Booklet: Weekly Predictions for April – June 2017

Our newest publication: 2017 Weekly Lottery Predictions for Pick 3 Win 3 Big 3 Cash 3 Daily 3 for April – June 2017 will be available in a few days at a $10 discount..

Click here for more details at our store.


Amazon Purchase Special–$17.72 or lower!

This will be the first time Amazon prices are lower than our’s on a new release.

For one week only, you save $10 when you order through Amazon from 18-25 March. How sweet is that? We’ll let you know when its available there (probably in a few more days).

But that’s for April, what about weekly predictions for this week?

Well, funny you should ask, our next publication will be an “any year” weekly predictions booklet, ready by month’s end.

Here’s a sample from the book for this week’s Pick 3. Our gift to you. Enjoy….

March 15-21

(Any Year)








Broad Stroke Pairs 96X-X60-9X0

(Where X=digits 0 through 9)









Wild Pairs: 93X-X30-7X0

Hey, go ahead and check out how these combinations have performed in the past, then feel free to use them in your all-state or single state plays this week.

Get These Weekly Predictions for the full year. Coming in April: 999’s Weekly Lottery Predictions: for Pick 3 Win 3 Big 3 Cash 3 Daily 3 (Any Year)


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