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Maynu Pubs South is the parent company and publishing arm for 999 Lottery Books, 999 Book of Numbers, and Club 9 Tips Plus Lottery Membership.


Ama Maynu, alias SBIP$999, is your Bookstore Manager and site host.


Maynu is a lottery strategist who started studying Pick 3 and Cash 4 lotteries in the Carolinas in late 2008, after quitting her day job. Since then, she has spent thousands of (wo)man hours creating “pen and paper” workouts to predict winning combinations.


Her number one goal in creating strategies is to keep it simple. That means simple math because the more complicated you make “random”, the less likely you will see the patterns.


One of her favorite strategies involves the use of the calendar as a lottery predictive method for “all state” plays. 


Maynu also publishes numbers and combination from “images” which come to her almost daily as a lottery predictions strategy.These combinations–which has affectionately earned her the title of ImageWeaver–occur generally right at the state between dreaming and waking up, and can be quite lucrative in “all state” lottery plays. Those are shared at the Club for members who opt in to see them.


As Founder and Editor at Maynu Pubs South, her strategies and predictions have assisted lots of people to better their game in the Pick 3 and Cash 4 lottery houses.


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