999 Feb-u-lous February Weekly Deals are here…

A Feb-u-lous Celebration at 999 for February


February is the shortest month of the year.  And that means we have fewer days to win the Pick 3 Cash 4 Lottery games.

So, at 999 we want to make it easier for you to win with our lottery strategies and predictions.

This month we are offering weekly savings.

And here’s the deal: the sooner you take advantage of your discount coupon, the more you save!

See savings chart  and coupon codes below.

Week One: take a feb-ulous 28% off your cart purchase of $10 or more:

From Wednesday, February 1-7, use coupon code: 28febulous1-7

Week Two: take a feb-ulous 21% off your cart purchase of $10 or more:

From Wednesday February 8-14,use coupon code: 21febulous8-14

Week Three: take a feb-ulous 14% off your cart purchase of $10 or more:

From Wednesday February 15-21, use coupon code: 14febulous15-21

Week Four: take a feb-ulous 7% off storewide:

From Wednesday February 22-28, Use coupon code: 07febulous22-28

New discounts levels occur every Wednesday, so be sure to order by Tuesday midnight of each week to take advantage of the greatest savings.

For example, your first 28% discount is available now through Tuesday midnight, February 7

Confusing? If so, just remember the sooner you buy, the more you save.

Free Shipping as always for a purchase of $50 or more.

Enjoy this Feb-tabulous month with our Fabulous February Weekly Savings.

Don’t Forget: enter your coupon code at checkout…..

Happy February and Good Luck!


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